Think Sustainability Foundation is a ‘not for profit’ organization founded by Mr. Pradeep P. K., an Electrical Engineer by profession, with an objective to support activities related to sustainable development of the society in all aspects.

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Working together to bring about a social transformation by creating sustainable communities that are self reliant and futuristic.

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To create a happy world by building Sustainable and Prosperous Communities.

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Our Initiatives
2020 Covid 19 Educational Support Initiative
2021 Annual Speaking Contest
What We Do

Our focus areas are:

Technical Education

Technical Education is of paramount importance in the overall development of our society. It determines the economic progress we achieve. This is one area where we want to create a positive impact.

Rural Livelihood

More than 65% of the population lives in rural areas in India and the incidence of poverty is much higher in villages than in urban areas. Major reasons for poverty in rural areas include lack of continuous work and poor remuneration of the labourers

Health& Safety

Health and Safety of all living beings are of utmost importance. Electrical Safety is one area which lacks sufficient attention. Its negligence has caused many injuries and deaths and there is tremendous scope for improvement in this area.

Public Governance

Public Governance is a vast area and any contribution towards improvement of efficiency in administration and guidance on policy formulation will go a long way in promoting public welfare.


Working together to bring about a social transformationby creating sustainable communities that are self reliant and futuristic.

“Values that inspire us are: Passion for whatever we do and Excellence in all our activities.”