TSF Annual Speaking Contest 2021

Event Highlights

What: An All Kerala Engineering College Students annual public speaking completion with an objective to improve communication skills of young engineering graduate students organized by Think Sustainability Foundation (TSF).

When: Registration closes on Thursday, 20 Nov 2023

Take part: Please fill out the below form, prepare a 3 minute speech and send it to us through email


How to Participate?

  • Enter your details in the online Registration Form given here and submit after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Prepare a video speech of 3 minutes length of your choice and Upload your submission here https://bit.ly/tsf_iedc-gcek_2k23. Or send an email to tsfannualcontest2023@gmail.com. Since video file size will be more than the email capcity, upload it in google drive and share the link through the email.
  • Speeches should be original.
  • There is no restriction on the content of the speech. However, topics in engineering / sustainable development fields are encouraged.
  • Speeches should be memorized; however, students may glance at single card during their presentations. Speeches may not be read in the entirety from a manuscript or notes.
  • For any queries, kindly contact our Program Coordinator:

           Mr. Naveen / Mob.: 9747100470  or Mr. Abel / Mob.: +91 9778209659

Click here for More Information on Submission Guidelines and Rules

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